Year Graduated: 2008

Student's Name Thesis Advisor(s) List of Published Papers During Study Time
**Equally Contributing Authors
* Corresponding Author(s)
Chi-Hung Lin ªL¬è§» Dr. Kay Hooi Hkoo
  1. Lin CH, Lin CW, Khoo KH. (2008) Proteomic identification of specific glycosyltransferases functionally implicated for the biosynthesis of a targeted glyco-epitope. Proteomics, 8(3):475-83.
  2. Fan YY, Yu SY, Ito H, Kameyama A, Sato T, Lin CH, Yu LC, Narimatsu H, Khoo KH. (2008) Identification of further elongation and branching of dimeric type 1 chain on lactosylceramides from colonic adenocarcinoma by tandem mass spectrometry sequencing analyses. J Biol Chem. 283(24):16455-68.
Po-Chiao Lin ªL¬f¾ö Dr. Chun-Cheng Lin
  1. P.-H. Chou, S.-H. Chen, H.-K. Liao, P.-C. Lin, G.-R. Her, Alan C.-Y. Lai, J.-H. Chen, C. ¡VC. Lin,*, Y. -J. Chen, (2005) ¡§Nanoprobe-Based Affinity Mass Spectrometry for Selected Protein Profiling in Human Plasma¡¨ Anal. Chem. 77, 5990-5997. (IF:5.287)
  2. P.-C. Lin, P.-H. Chou, S. ¡VH. Chen, H.-K. Liao, K. ¡VY. Wang, Y.-J. Chen, C.-C. Lin, (2006) Ethylene Glycol-Protected Magnetic Nanoparticles for a Multiplexed Immunoassay in Human Plasma¡¨ Small, , 2, 485-489. (IF:6.408)
  3. P.-C. Lin, S. ¡VH. Ueng, M. ¡VC. Tseng, J.-L. Ko, K.-T. Huang, S.-C. Yu, A. K. Adak, Y.-J. Chen , C.-C. Lin (2006) Site ¡VSpecific Protein Modification Through Cui-Catalyzed 1,2,3- Triazole Formation and Its Implementation in protein Microarray Fabrication. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,45,4286-4290. (IF:10.031)
  4. P.-C. Lin, M.-C.Tseng, A.-K. Su, Y.-J. Chen, C.-C.Lin ( 2007) ¡§Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles for Small- Molecule Isololation, Identification, and Quantitication¡§ Anal. Chem. 79, 3401-3408.(IF:5.287)
  5. P.-C. Lin, S.-H. Ueng, S.-C. Yu, M.-D. Jan, A. K. Adak, C.-C. Yu, C.C.Lin,* ¡§Surface Modification of Magnetic Nanoparticle Via Cu(¢¹)-Catalyzed Alkyne-azide [2+3] Cycloaddition ¡§ Org. Lett. 2007, 9,2131-2134. (IF:4.802)
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  8. L.-S. Huang, Y.-Y. Chien, S.-H. Chen, P.-C.Lin, K.-Y. Wang, P.-H. Chou, C.-C. Lin, and Y.-J. Chen (2007) ¡§Nanoprobe-based Affinity Mass Spectrometry for Cancer Marker Protein Profiling¡¨ in Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis; Eds:Challa S. S. R. wiley-VCH,
  9. P.-C.Lin, A. Kumar Adak, and C.-C.Lin* (2008) ¡§Application of glycol-nanomaterial in the biological system¡¨in The Molecular Immunology of Complex Carbohydrates-3; Eds: Albert M. Wu, Kluwer Academia/ Plenum Publishers
  10. P.-C.Lin, C.-C. Yu, C.-C. Lin (2008) ¡§Site-specific immobilization of CMP-sialic acid synthetase on magnetic nanoparticles and its use in the synthesis of CMP-sialic acid.¡¨Chem. Commun. (Camb), (11):1308-10. (authors equal contribution)