Year Graduated: 2009

Student's Name Thesis Advisor(s) List of Published Papers During Study Time
**Equally Contributing Authors
* Corresponding Author(s)
Wei-Chi Ku ¶d­³´¼ Dr. Yu-Ju Chen
  1. Wei-Chi Ku, S.K. Chiu, Y.J. Chen, H.H. Huang, W.G. Wu, and Y.J. Chen, (2009) Complementary Quantitative Proteomics Reveals that Transcription Factor AP-4 Mediates E-Box-Dependent Complex Formation for Transcriptional Repression of HDM2, Mol. Cell. Proteomics, in press.
  2. Y.J. Chen, Wei-Chi Ku, L.T. Feng, M.L. Tsai, C.H. Hsieh, W.H. Hsu, W.F. Liaw, C.H. Hung, and Y.J. Chen, (2008) Nitric Oxide Physiological Responses and Delivery Mechanisms Probed by Water-soluble Roussin¡¦s Red Ester and {Fe(NO)2}10 DNIC, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130,10929.
Chih-Jung Kuo ³¢­Pºa Dr. Po-Huang Liang
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