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Fellowship and Stipend Regulations
The following regluations take effect starting in the academic year 108 (will affect stipends in the academic year 109). The CBMB office reserved the right to change regulations.
One of the central missions of Student Affairs is to evaluate and improve students' academic and research performance. To maintain a high standard, students meeting all expectations will earn the full stipend. Students who do not meet expectations will see a penalty in the form of stipend deduction according to CBMB programme regulations (details below).
A scholarship of NTD 34,000 per month is guaranteed for the first year, provided that students fulfill regulations and requirements, i.e. joining a lab for rotation at the regulated time. Starting from the second year, once the student has joined a lab, the stipend will be assessed based on academic and research performance, the latter is evaluated by the student's thesis advisor. Besides, if a student cannot join a lab for research by the deadline, or has to leave or change lab, the stipend issuance will be stopped and will not be returned.
The student's performance will be assessed on a semester basis. At the end of each semester, the advisor will submit a formal evaluation form and propose the stipend amount for the upcoming semester based on research performance. For instance, student lab performance in fall semester of the second year determines the stipend for spring semester of the second year. Students will be assessed on attendance, scientific curiosity, research motivation, laboratory techniques, interactions with lab members, and academic ethics and integrity. The evaluation form will be reviewed by the Student Affairs committee and used for stipend adjustment. The evaluation form will also be available for the student to view. The student has the right to appeal if he/she believes the evaluation is unfair. Student Affairs will help the student and the advisor reach a consensus.
The student's academic performance in the previous year will also be another criterion to determine the stipend for fall and spring semester of the upcoming year. Any stipend deduction will last for one semester (6 months) or until the next evaluation time. To avoid deduction, students must get grades 73%(letter grade B) or above for the required courses and 70% (letter grade B-) or above for the elective courses, including those offered by other programmes and universities. Stipend deduction is NTD 3,000 per non-passed course. The required CBMB courses:
  • Discussion in AdvancedChemical Biology I
  • Faculty Presentation
  • Seminar
  • Colloquium
  • Lab Rotation or Seminar I&II
  • Discussion in Advanced Chemical Biology II
    (CB track students)
  • Experimental Molecular Biophysics
    (MB tract students)
Students will not be penalized, in the form of stipend deduction, for failing the qualifying exam. However, students should learn to strike a balance between lab work and exam preparation. Too much time spent on exam preparation often impacts the student's attendance and research progress, and hence affects the research performance.
The Student Affairs committee will review the student's academic and research performance, and reserve the right to decide the stipend amount. The committee will take into consideration personal or unforeseeable issues that affect the student's performance. It is the student's responsibility to contact Student Affairs for help when any issues arise.