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Tuition, Financial Aid, and Others


Tuition may vary every semester/year, but your first semester is approximately NTD 30,000-40,000 (basic fee credits + other fees = about US$ 1,000-1,333), similar to what local students pay. Please check your admission letter and online academic system/student information system/My NTU for more information. The deadline for tuition payments depends on your university; please check the individual university calendars/admission letter to make sure payments are received on time.

The original tuition for international students was two or three times more than the local students' tuition. TIGP subsidizes your tuition so that you pay roughly the same amount as local students do. International students should be aware that the TIGP tuition subsidy lasts for five consecutive years only, during which you only need to pay the same amount as the local students. If you apply for suspension anytime during those 5 years, the subsidy cannot be delayed for later use.

Financial Aid

The TIGP scholarship, payable to students as a monthly stipend, is granted to all students admitted to TIGP for up to 3 years; the scholarship amount for first year is guaranteed (NTD 34,000/USD 1,133), whereas the stipend amount for the second and third year will depend on student performance. The stipend amount will allow students to live comfortably in the greater Taipei area. TIGP pays the student stipend for first and second years and shares this responsibility with advisors in the third year. Starting from fourth year, advisors will take charge of paying the students. For more information, please refer to the Fellowship and Stipend Regulations.

Students' first month stipend will be issued on 1st October (if you arrive in late August or in September). Please prepare some money to support your stay in Taiwan and pay the tuition before arrival. Please note that the CBMB office cannot provide any additional financial support!

Note: the TIGP scholarship can be deferred or put on hold for a maximum of one year, starting from the time the student is admitted to the programme. When the maximum scholarship duration is reached, scholarship money will no longer be issued.

Medical Insurance

International students will qualify for the Taiwan National Health Insurance programme six months after completing registration at their university and receiving their Alien Resident Certificates (ARC). However, in order to be eligible for the National Health Insurance Programme, students must not leave Taiwan for more than 30 days during the first 6 months of living here (6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan is required, or 6 months with one trip abroad of no more than 30 days; days abroad will not count as part of the 6 months required before being accepted on to the National Insurance Programme). Students that have fulfilled these requirements will then be entitled to the same medical coverage as the locals by paying the same premium.

Before students are eligible to apply for the NHI scheme, their registered universities will automatically apply for Group Medical Insurance (self-paid) for them for the first 6 months. However, if students for some reasons do not get their NHI cards 6 months after receiving their ARC (most likely due to leaving the country for more than 30 days, which means their 6 month continuous residence in Taiwan must start from 0 days again), we strongly recommend that students request that their registered universities apply for the Group Medical Insurance again.

Guidelines of NHI Premium Payments (monthly payment; non-refundable)
  1. For foreign students, the university collects the Regular NHI premium along with the tuition (NT749/month during 2017).
  2. There is also a supplementary insurance premium of 1.91% if the graduate student stipend (provided by the advisor, not by TIGP) is over the minimum wage published by the Central Labor Competent Authority (NT21009 during 2017). For example, a student receiving NT24000/month from the advisor owes a supplementary insurance premium of 24000 x 1.91% = NT458/month. AS or the university will automatically deduct the supplementary insurance premium from the monthly stipend.

Living and Housing

Meals are available at modest costs at the Activity Centre, Academia Sinica.

The Sport Centre on campus is equipped with a jogging track, gym, swimming pool, aerobic court, tennis court, badminton court, and basketball court. The entrance fee for students to access the jogging track, gym, and swimming pool is NTD 50 (about US$ 1.5) per person. There is an additional charge for accessing the courts.

On campus
Self-catering single room is guaranteed for TIGP students for 1 year. The rent is NTD 5,500 (about US$ 180) per month. Please note that there is an additional charge for a parking space: NTD 1,000 (about US$ 30) per month for car.
Please visit http://tigp.sinica.edu.tw/Accommodation.html for more information.

Rents for off-campus apartments range from NT$ 5,000 - 15,000 per month.