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COVID-19 Policy
Dear TIGP students,

TIGP office would like to share some information regarding COVID-19 in Taiwan and something that every inbound traveler should follow. For those who are not in Taiwan and plan to enter Taiwan recently, or for those whose family members plan to come to Taiwan soon and stay with you as dependents, please read the following information very carefully.
  1. The compulsory policy of Taiwan government
    1. Before boarding the flight
      1. Fill out a health declaration form by logging into the Quarantine System for Entry via mobile phone.
      2. A foreigner holding a visa to enter Taiwan needs to present an English-language certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within three working days of boarding. A foreigner holding ARC to enter Taiwan doesn't need to provide the foregoing certificate.
    2. After landing Taiwan
      1. Take place 14-day quarantine plus 7-day self-health management.
      2. Take quarantine taxi from the airport to inbound traveler's quarantine place at his/her own cost. (note: taking public transportation is prohibited such as Taoyuan Metro (airport rail link), Intercity Bus, Taiwan High Speed Rail, or Taipei MRT)
      3. Unless the inbound traveler has a separate room (including a separate bathroom), he/she needs to stay at a quarantine hotel to conduct the 14-day quarantine at his/her own cost. (note: TIGP dorm or the university's dorm cannot support the 14-day quarantine)
        https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En/Bulletin/Detail/CAAwNJQPY2loJdFXzmSFkg?typeid=158 https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En/Bulletin/Detail/RKleWZ_8LCPansjz0Gya5w?typeid=158
    3. A confirmed case who meets one of the conditions listed below can fly to Taiwan
    4. Please note that violating the above government regulations subjects to penalties.
  2. What to do before you, a TIGP student, fly back to Taiwan
    1. Report the university's OIA
      Taiwan CDC has authorized the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (MoE), to deal with all international students who plan to enter Taiwan recently. MoE will collect all information of international students (such as students' names, date and flight info of landing Taiwan, and address of quarantine place/hotel) from the universities, and then inform this information to Taiwan airport so that Taiwan Customs will let you enter Taiwan. Based on this mechanism, you need to report the above-required information to the Office of International Affairs of your university and your institute of the university. If you are unable to contact the university's OIA, you may try to contact your program assistant, but a delay in your schedule might happen because the assistant still needs to find and contact someone in the university's OIA who is dealing the matter.
    2. Book a quarantine hotel in advance
      A list of quarantine hotels near AS is enclosed. Please note that the price of quarantine hotels in Taipei might be higher than those in other cities.
  3. What to do before your family members fly to Taiwan

    Unless your current place (Taiwan apartment) has a separate room (including a separate bathroom) for your family members to do 14-day quarantine, otherwise, you need to book a quarantine hotel in advance for your family. Family members need to take quarantine taxi directly to quarantine place and cannot stay with you in the same room in the course of the quarantine.

    Please be remember that to protect everyone and minimize the risk of COVID-19 community transmission is everyone's responsibility! TIGP office hopes that everyone stays healthy!